YY #1 Giant ring structures and gold in the Far Eastern Yilgarn. Meteorite impacts?

YY #1. Giant ring structures in the Far Eastern Yilgarn. Are they a cluster of meteorite impacts? Why are they associated with the Gruyere and Tropicana giant 10 moz gold camps?

Robert Bingley Watchorn

Radiometrics image of the Riley, Knapp, Plumridge and Minigwal giant ring structures in the Yamarna Terrane

These structures have not been researched or reported on. The research briefly outlined below is ongoing and one of many projects the author is pursuing on giant ring structures that will change our view of these structures’ abundance, origin and exploration potential.

Research Project Examination of the GSWA radiometric data (contrast slightly enhanced) that overlays onto Google Earth suggests that there are at least four overlapping giant ring structures of similar size (>150 km diameter) and appearance (concentric rings) to the Watchorn giant ring structure centered near Leonora (Watchorn 2013a, Watchorn 2013b, Watchorn 2017). The Gruyere and Tropicana mines are intimately associated with distinctive K radiometrics on these rings. The ring structures could be used as an exploration targeting tool. If I had this information 20 years ago it would have led me straight to these mines! I can see other areas of interest!!

To look at the initial research results and published background reading on the Watchorn giant ring structure follow the links below ….

Watchorn GRS morphology and mineralisation Aug 2013   41.1 MB
Yamarna radiometric rings paper blog #2   2.9 MB
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