YW #2 Leonora Ring – a circular pop-out structure? Discovery of a New Giant Ring Structure – real or imaginary?

  YW #2 Leonora Ring – a circular 75km diameter pop-out structure? Discovery of a New Giant Ring Structure – real or imaginary? Summary. The elevations around the 75km diameter … [Read More]

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#AA. Preliminary note for a classification and contents guide for geological papers on Bob Watchorn’s geotreks.

There will be numerous geological short papers posted on this website.

  1. Content. The sequence of papers will consist of a preliminary paper on each giant ring structure as observed in readily available data images that are public access (GSWA, GA images).
  2. More detailed papers on each structure will follow. Some will be based on Q and A of these early papers and others will be based on my research of these structures.
  3. Filing system. In order to be able to keep track of the subject of each of the papers an Alpha-beta system will be used prefixing the paper title .
  4. This will follow my computer folder system of where the structure is located that the paper is describing. Therefore, the Watchorn structure (W) folder is in a subfolder of the Yilgarn (Y) structures – thus it will be prefixed YW # where # is the number of the paper.
  5. Mentoring. There will be teaching papers on how I have managed to obtain images of these giant ring structure images when none have been recognised (published) previously.
  6. There will also be teaching papers on how to use these structures as an added exploration targeting tool.
  7. These will all be gathered in a teaching folder for convenience.

N.B. Copyright ©. All of my research is being published freely and willingly so that the delineation, understanding and thus the exploration of large scale geological structures is enhanced. My research information will acknowledge the sources (where known) of outside information both in the text, under the images, and in the references. I would expect that other researchers who use my research for their own published work will cite my paper both in the text, under the images and in the references as the website and paper number.


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