O'Driscoll GRS in Australia

O’Driscoll GRS – dimensions, age, targeting potential.

O’Driscoll GRS research on; dimensions, genesis, age and targeting potential. O’Driscoll giant ring structure (GRS) is named to honour Tim O’Driscoll for his ground breaking, paradigm changing – still controversial … [Read More]

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Watchorn GRS seismic tomography 30s

YW #6. Watchorn GRS correlation to craton base and seismic tomography 30˚ S. New exploration paradigm.

Watchorn GRS size, genesis and mineralisation Watchorn GRS is examined using seismic tomography in plan and section to help determine its size, genesis and mineralisation potential. Seismic tomography offers the … [Read More]

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Moon Mares Archaean Craton comparison

Moon mares and Australasian Cratons, a structural geology study of giant ring structures (phi Ø structures) at various scales and depths.

Moon Mares and the Australian Lithosphere-Asthenosphere 250 km deep boundary comparison using seismic tomography (Paper 1). This paper is the first to summarise my recent research on Moon mares and … [Read More]

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